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How to become a Blogger? | How,Why &What |

How to become a Blogger? | How,Why &What |

How to become a Blogger: We use the internet every day and get the information we want by searching on Google. Have you ever thought how we get all this information from Google? We get this information from the blog. People have a desire to get government  and private jobs. In today's time, the number of unemployed in our country has increased a lot.

That is why the youth of today do not want to sit at home empty-handed without doing anything and keep looking for a way to earn money. So that it can make its identity, in today's time blogging is considered as the best way to make a better career and earn money. Because with it money people also get popularity. What is Blogging you in this post? And how to become a blogger? You will get information about it. 

How to become a Blogger? | How,Why &What |
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How to become a Blogger?

Let us first know what a blog is. Blog is an English word. The term web blog is short for blog. Beginning in 1998, it is a free service provided by Google. You can share your talk with the world through blogs. People use blocks to convey their ideas to others. Everything written on the blog reaches everyone, who searches about it in Google. A block is like a website which can be found absolutely free.

Like unique is written about the most searching topics on Google. Like how to do blogging? What is engineering? How to do computer engineering? Vote is the digital marketing? Similarly, if you want, you can write articles on more than one topic in your blog. To earn a lot of money from blogging, it is important to have a lot of traffic on your blog.

Google has made its interchange in such a way that everyone can easily use it. The only difference between a website and a blog is that to make a website, it is necessary to have knowledge of many types of web designing programs. And it also takes money to make it. Blog  is a free service that does not require a percent of money to make. Blogger, WordPress, tumblr, Medium anyone can start their own blog on this.

This blog can be created by one person or team. The block is very popular among people, and almost everyone likes to use it. In the beginning days, the block can be made free. And later, it can be changed according to your needs. Because this block does not have all the features.

The size of the blog is smaller than that of the website, hence the blog is also called digital diary. The block contains article video photos and external. The content of a blog is called a blog post. These blog posts can be shared on social media, Facebook Instagram, whatsappetc.

Friends, the question may come here, why is the blog written? 15 to 20 years ago, people used to write their diaries or letters and shared them with everyone in newspapers and magazines. Similarly, in today's modern era, people like to write on the Internet and share it. This is called a blog. Any topic can be seen in the blog.

Their subjects may be general and special. Many blogs can also be on a particular topic, providing information related to news and views. There are technology related blogs in which information about new and old technology is given. The blog writer is called blogger, the work that is done on blogger is called blogging.

What is blogging?

How to become a Blogger? | How,Why &What |
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Creating a blog, publishing posts on it every day, publishing and designing your blog well is called blogging all these activities. The creator of them is posting their thoughts from time to time. Writing your post in a blog is designing your blog, responding to the comments on it, similar to what a blogger does to run. We call it blogging in common terms.

You can also earn money online through blogs. Blog can be done on any subject like sports entertainment, technology, health, science etc. They are divided into two categories, one is personal blogging and the other is professional blogging. Personal blogging is also called hobby blogging. It is people who have a story, event, truth story or experience.

The story or experience can be about his personal life. Or it could be about someone else. Such block characters make famous celebrities only. Blogging does not make any money for its fans and common people; it is just blogging like a hobby. Personal blogs are written by celebrities, so we also like to read such blocks because he gets to know his artist closely.

Professional blogging is done by people who consider blogging as their profession or business. With this he earns so much money that he can fulfill his needs and dreams. It is similar to a type of business in which better planning, strategy and hard work, time is required to do everything. The fruits of hard work are paid by professional managers who earn money through monetization
Such as Google ADS, Advertising, Membership Website, Affiliate Link, Donation, e-Books, Online Courses, etc. Of these, Google Adsense is an effective and effective way to earn money.

How to become a Blogger? | How,Why &What |
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A professional blogger is quite different from a personal blogger. If you are fond of writing, then you can easily choose the path of blogging. But if you want to earn a lot of money through blogging, then you need a better plan and hard work. Blogging is not so easy and if you are thinking that you have started doing today, money will start coming from tomorrow, then you are thinking completely wrong. For this you need hard work and the most patience.

How to start blogging?

A blogger is a person who periodically writes a post. No special qualification is required to become a blogger. In this, any person can take time and do blocking. Any student, businesswife, businessman, youth, elderly etc. who can block. He has something to write that he likes to write just needs to have some knowledge about the internet and blogging.

Apart from this, you have to ask yourself which subject you are expert in. On which you can write as many articles and posts as possible. Because before making a blog we have to like a subject. You have to write and post information on any subject, first of all you have to think that on which subject you can write better and fun than others.

There are millions of subjects in the world on which something can be written everyday. Such as Style, Fitness, Style Sports, Movie, Gaming, Finance, Politics Business, Personal, Automobile, Education Health, Technology, any of these topics or any other subject should be your favorite subject on which you can write without wearying.

For this, a lot of hard work has to be done on this blog. He has to write good content. A blogger does not just have to write articles to run his clock successfully and has to do many things Creating posts for him, determining which topics to cover and how many times a week is to be published, a search has to be done to write the articles, to find the keywords related to them, to use the correct images related to the design of the block. Changes have to be done to speed and other problems of the website. Your blog has to support different social media platforms, respond to comments, establish relationships with other blogs, support each other, stay in touch with your audience and do all the work.


If you are capable of doing all this work and you want to spend your precious time on the blog, you can definitely become a blog. There is a medium through which a person can express his thoughts in front of thousands of people, every place where there is always new or new things to learn. So guys, how do you hope to how to  become a blogger in this post? What is blogging? And how is it done? It has always been our endeavor to get all the information about him so that through our post you can get complete information on the given topic and you do not have to go anywhere else.

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